Thursday, March 6, 2008

Long-weekend ahead!!

Well this weekend is a long weekend. We were looking at going away but decided to stay at home instead. There is a few jobs that I have been wanting to get done so maybe this will be a good chance.

Things like:
  • mow the lawn (and feed to the chooks)
  • put more weeds into the green waste bin (it was emptied today)
  • trim up the agapanthus stems from the finished flowers
  • clean out the chook poo from their house
  • soak some carob leaves and feed them to the worms
  • order stormwater pipe and hook up rainwater tank (it has only been sitting there since October last year)

The only problem is that the weather has been forecasted as HOT!

So I think most of the work I want to get done will be done either early in the mornings or late in the evenings with most of the day spent inside under the airconditioner, but still there is a lot of things that need doing inside as well.

Sunday, March 2, 2008


Lately I have not been on here too much, a few reasons for that, firstly I have been busy with other things and also because I feel like the garden isnt doing too much at all.

The veggie patch is almost completely dead, there is a couple of silverbeat plants struggling along still and some garlic chives, the pumpkin vines are still alive but only of their own accord, after only producing male flowers they forfeited the right to be watered.

I have been busy setting up watering systems to keep other plants alive. A simple system out the front with 19mm poly pipe laid on the ground and screw-in sprinkler dripper thingys screwed in at regular intervals. Since using this for the last couple of weeks the agapanthus are starting to look healthy again and are even starting to flower.
During the last few heat waves they took a pretty big beating, and as you can see there is quite a bit of dead foliage, but I have purposely left them looking untidy (no not because I am being lazy) because it offers them some protection from the heat.

Yesterday I got out into the backyard and set up a similar watering system for the fruit trees, and tested it out last night, it all works now it will just be a matter of time to see if the trees like it better than the handheld hose system. (personally I think it is much more efficient to give them a slow soaking watering that to flood them with the hose, often breaking their little levy banks)

During the week I put in an order to Greenharvest. My original intention was to buy some lucern seeds to grow as a greenmanure/claybreaker/mulch/fodder plant, but then figured if i was going to pay $5 postage I might as well order a few more things so I have ordered some clover to act as a living mulch, and also some woolly pod vetch and a few other seeds from their vegetable seed range.

Regular Visitors

Last weekend I was lucky enough to catch a couple of Ringneck Parrots playing in the Frangipani tree. We get quite a few around the place but usually they are rat-bagging around the place chasing each other through the trees, and don't stay in the same spot long enough to get a photo of them. This day I did get a photo of one of them although it wasn't quite in focus

Hiding at the edge of the garden
(look in the lower left hand corner)