Sunday, May 3, 2009

The cool weather has arrived

Well it seems that summer has packed her bags and left us for a few months, and the cooler weather has arrived. We are now getting lovely days for being out in the garden, which turns to chilly nights once the sun disappears, great for retiring inside for the night to a bowl of hot soup, or a nice roast, before snuggling under blankets on the couch for the evening.

Over the last couple of weekends I have acquired a 5000L rainwater tank, (thanks to Mr Rudds $900) which is residing next to the 5400L tank. The bigger one was overflowing, but not having a pump for it, it was very difficult to get the water to the veggie patch where I wanted it. Now there is a pump hooked up to it, which means I can water the veggie patch guilt-free more than once a week, and the bigger tank is now almost empty (that one is hooked up to the shed gutters, and is going to be used as a collection tank) with the water from that one being pumped into the other one.

So with raintanks, with rainwater in them, and a pump, and this cool weather I decided its time to get a move on getting the veggie patch producing some yummy vegetables. Hopefully those which I planted today will be ready in a couple of weeks to plant (to coincide with me taking a week off of work)

Heres what I have planted in seedling pots so far:
  • 2 x Pak Choy
  • 2 x Silverbeet
  • 4 x Broccolli
  • 4 x Cabbage (sugarloaf)
  • 4 x Corn Salad
Hopefully they grow nice and stong and stay out of the way of "munchers"