Friday, June 19, 2009

Meet our new little man!

Well this is Boof, the newest addition to our family, we picked him up on Wednesday night. He is a Koolie x Rottweiler and believe it or not he is only 9 and a half weeks old.

Thursday morning saw him getting his first ever collar which he is not entirely impressed with, even after being de-fleed he is still occasionally scratching at it, but apart from that he seems to have accepted it.

Thursday afternoon was the trip to the vet for his shots and to get microchiped, the first injection wasnt too bad but the microchip one was a much bigger needle which hurt a bit more, but it was soon forgotten about. The vet couldnt believe how big he was for 9 1/2 weeks, if we didnt know his birth date he would have guessed that he was about 3 months old, so we may be in for a rather big boy once he is fully grown.

So far (touch wood) we have not had too many problems with him, he slept in the laundry for the first night and after that took some getting used to not dashing inside as soon as the backdoor was opened, each day (and night) he has cried less and less. He has taken really well to his makeshift kennel which is an old kitchen cupboard on its side, but if we are outside then he loves to sleep behind the table and chairs or sit on our feet.

He loves his toys as well as a bone we got from the butcher, we often hear him from inside "squeaking" one of his toys as he plays with it by himself.

In just the few days we have had him, he has learnt the "sit" comand, maybe a bit too well, trying to get him to walk on a leash he wil stop, sit and then just look at you, as if to say "see I'm a good boy, now I get a treat....dont I? I'm not going anywhere until I get a treat!" So we are slowly working on who is the boss with the treats, but I think we are getting there, The vet did warn us that he may be quite stuborn. He is slowly learning the "heal" command, well not exactly keeping at the heal, but at least walking with the lead on and not stopping and pulling the opposite way on the lead which is what he did at the vets, resulting in me walking into the vets with this 10kg+ puppy in my arms because I didnt want his first experience on a lead to be too traumatic, and we only had a few hours until the vets closed. Everyone "oowed" and "ahhed" over him and wanted to know what he was and how old he was, then all came to the same conclusion that he is going to be a big boy.

He has definately won a place in our hearts, and has done well to have won DP over only in a few minutes after arriving home. I know we are going to be in for many months of "Puppy Terror", we have already had our first attempt at the washing on the clothesline, which luckily was caught as he was doing it with a growling telling off (but it was a pair of jeans that were just so invitingly flapping around in the breeze!!! how could any puppy resist, especially just after a bath, I think we may have washed some of the nice calm puppy away) and one pot plant has been upended but I think the chooks might have had a bit of a helping hand in that one. But who could stay mad at this face.

Things have been so busy!!!

I cant believe it has been over a month ago since I last posted here, well I sort of can looking at everything that has been going on. Having sold DP's house in Adelaide, and all the cleaning before it was sold, and doing weekend courses in Adelaide has meant that this is the first weekend I will be home for the last 6ish weeks, so to celebrate this I have turned it into a "long" weekend by taking a couple of days annual leave. Hopefully get some sorting and tidying up done, we still have a few boxes of stuff that needs to find a home and also a couple of pieces of furniture to fit in. And I know there is quite a lot of stuff of mine that can be donated to the charity bins, mostly clothes that will never fit me again!!! Hmmm a cupboard with out boxes in it, ah space that I could use to store more "stuff", without clogging up the loungeroom, or the bedrooms. Maybe even just to see the kitchen table again. Well being on here is not getting anything done, so I will sign off for now and see what I can get done.