Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!!

Well there goes another year!!! Amazing that in a month and a half it will be a year since we moved here. In some respects it feels like we have been here forever and then it also feels like we have only just moved here.

When I look back on older photos I can see that we have actually changed things since moving in, and looking at the old real estate photos looks almost like a completely different house. I can remember coming here and looking through the house with the real estate agent and yes its still the same house but now we have made it our "home".

We have put in a garden shed. I have created more "garden" areas, with a native garden and fruit trees, there is intentions of having a veggie patch but for the moment that is on hold, manly due to my indecision of where to put it and lack of time and energy, and as I have told myself, wanting to see a year out to observe the yard though all the seasons (well that's my excuse anyway)

Along one of our fences which we share with the neighbours I have planted around 6 tubestock Acacia Argyrophylla (which is also known as the golden grey mulga) with a myoporum parvifolium as a groundcover. It should look interesting as the myoporum is a purple leaf variety so should provide a nice contrast to the acacia. This variety of Acacia is the same as one which I planted at our last house near Port Augusta and it grew fantastically, with very little water, reaching higher than the fence within a couple of years. With lovely silver grey foliage making a good screening plant.

I am yet to get tanks hooked up to the house to collect rainwater so that a) we can use rainwater instead of mains water to water the garden and b) we have water on the other side of the house. Would you believe it in a back yard which is around 2/3 of an acre there is only one outside tap, which is on the side of the house.

I have decided that where I originally planned to have my herb garden will probably bare the brunt of a bit too much sun, and also be positioned in a spot which is not often passed by, and hence will be likely to be forgotten about. I now want to get one of those colourbond raised beds to put out the back, in front of a 22,500L rainwater tank which we want to put in and hook up to the carport and house, this will be just off the lawned area, within eyesight of the kitchen window, and hopefully make a (slightly hidden) feature of the rainwater tank.

I also want to get a few passionfruit vines to cover what was a shadecloth covered play area for the previous owners kids. The shadecloth didn't last long with some of the windy storms we had, so we decided to pull the shadecloth off, but the actual structure is still there.

So as you can see there's still lots of plans and hopefully now that we have a better feel for the house and yard through the seasons we will start to put some of these plans into action. I should apologise for not blogging all that often anymore, but real life just seems to be taking over and I have been trying to not spend much time on the computer, as I was finding that time was just disappearing and I really wasn't achieving much at all sitting on this thing.

So until next time take care!