Thursday, October 3, 2013

Sping is here, but so to are the winds

Cayenne Pepper and Tagastaste seedlings
Comfrey sprouting up

Snow peas needing to be tied up again, kale and cellary

Tomato bed 
Fig "Sticks"
Supposed to be cuttings but still waiting for them to do something

Raspberry plants about to flower
Blackberry about to flower
Cherry tree
has suffered a bit in the latest windy weather
Baby peaches
Plum tree is going well with all grafts growing
new growth
Baby Apricots
Apple tree,
not sure whether the shoot is from the graft
or the root stock but for now it can stay
Granny Smith Apple tree is starting to flower

Orange tree

Lemonade tree

Sick Mandarine tree, still hanging in there

Newly planted lime tree
has taken a bit of a beating with the winds

Lemon tree is going well

Rocket let flower, thinking it might be time to tidy it up.

Comfrey has come back nicely

More casualties from the wind

Monday, September 23, 2013

Comfrey root cuttings starting to grow

Signs of life of the root cuttings of comfrey

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Veggie garden

Cayenne Peppers (left) and Tagastaste (right)
Purple Broccoli



Snow Peas

Fruit Garden

Raspberry cane repotted
Thornless Blackberry cutting

Peach tree in flower

Comfrey has sprung back to life

Raspberries "springing" back to life

One of the Strawberry Beds

Boysenberry, still hanging in there and starting to reshoot

Thornless Blackberry getting ready to flower

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

In just over a year....

......we have generated just over 12,000 kWh for our PV solar system....

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Garden pics from 20th August 2013

Here is two wheel barrow loads of horse manure from a neighbor

Arrowroot which is going well

Raspberry patch, is looking a bit untidy, but these canes have gone dormant over winter, although they are sending up new suckers which I have been digging up and re-potting.

A couple of the re-potted raspberries

Thornless Blackberry cuttings starting to shoot, and develop lots of roots.

Acacia Argyrophylla

Native garden, including a Quandong which is growing nicely

Some of the self seeded (non) rainbow chard
The orchard area, citrus to the left deciduous to the right

Strawberry patch

Passion fruit vine

Comfrey which something seems to be enjoying, but it will grow quite fast once the warmer spring weather comes.

Rocket which is going to flower. I'm going to let this go to flower and hope that the bees like it.

Orange and Mandarine, starting to put out flowers new leaves

Lemon tree 

Soon to be Snow Peas which will climb up the tee-pee, and seedlings of cellary, and kale, with more silverbeet/chard in the background

Raised garden beds with baby spinach, purple broccoli (think I put this in a bit too late) and carrots

New fruit trees from the Rare Fruit Society grafting day. Cherry, Plum, and Apple

More natives planted in the back paddock as a wind break/screen.