Friday, June 19, 2009

Things have been so busy!!!

I cant believe it has been over a month ago since I last posted here, well I sort of can looking at everything that has been going on. Having sold DP's house in Adelaide, and all the cleaning before it was sold, and doing weekend courses in Adelaide has meant that this is the first weekend I will be home for the last 6ish weeks, so to celebrate this I have turned it into a "long" weekend by taking a couple of days annual leave. Hopefully get some sorting and tidying up done, we still have a few boxes of stuff that needs to find a home and also a couple of pieces of furniture to fit in. And I know there is quite a lot of stuff of mine that can be donated to the charity bins, mostly clothes that will never fit me again!!! Hmmm a cupboard with out boxes in it, ah space that I could use to store more "stuff", without clogging up the loungeroom, or the bedrooms. Maybe even just to see the kitchen table again. Well being on here is not getting anything done, so I will sign off for now and see what I can get done.

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Ellice said...

Well hi there. you beat me to it, I was all set to send my blog to you tonight, but you got there first. I haven't added anything lately, haven't got anything to add, but should have something next week. Catch you later.