Sunday, April 22, 2012

Savouring the nice weather before winter arrives

I've just been outside on this lovely morning  wandering around the garden, doing a little bit of weeding and just enjoying the freshness after the rain we had yesterday and enjoying the peacefulness that is a Sunday morning before the rest of the neighbor hood (or even just this household) awakens and starts to go about their lives.

Yesterday we had rain falling for most of the day but even so it was still nice enough to sit outside and enjoy the rain, checking the rain gauge this morning we only got 5mm, but it was the nice light soaking rain so everything is looking a bit more healthy in the garden this morning.

The lawn was looking quite sad so seeing that it is coming into winter where it will go dormant (santa anna lawn) we decided to make use of the rain and feed the lawn with some blood and bone, but already just with the rain I can see it has started to green up quite nicely.

Speaking of lack of rain I think I almost killed my lemon grass I thought it had some sort of disease with the leaves going brown and speckly but now that I have given it a bit of water it is starting to shoot green leaves again, so hopefully I have saved that one.
The worst one
Another which is not too bad, but shows the regrowth.
A few months back I put in some Chilli Seedlings (cayenne peppers) when I put them in I gave them a sprinkling of Sulphate of Potash and they have been producing really well.
Chillies which will be ready to pick in a couple of days
At the moment I have been picking a handful every few days, some of them get used in cooking, most of them are in the process of drying but we have plans to make some into sweet chilly sauce. out of 4 plants three are really healthy but one is looking very sick, again I thought it was lack of water but I'm not sure that is it, I have sprinkled blood and bone around all of these and will see if this is the issue, (I know the soil in this bed is not the best).
Sick Chilli
The four chilli plants in the herb garden bed