Sunday, August 10, 2008

The lesson of "a little bit, often"

Ok well I have realised that getting out in the garden and doing a little bit at a time can really help.

With being away and I have found the imense value of being able to spend half an hour here and there looking after the garden. When I go out to check the chooks for eggs and food and water each day, or just for a wonder around the garden in the afternoon, pulling a weed out here and there, or spending a few hours on the weekend, tidying things up (like weeding the veggie patch, and pulling out marshmallow plants (or whatever is starting to take over) when I come across them).

We have been having some rain here (so my garden and rain water tank is telling me - yes I might be a little nuts) so what has been barren ground has now turned into knee high weeds, which I know will die off once the weather warms up, and I will be left with the sticky skeletons of the once lush weeds.

The view from the inlet of the rainwater tank (5400L/1200G) only a couple more rungs and it will be overflowing

The last weekend I was home I did a quick calculation of the amount of weeds in the back yard and the time that it would take for me to pull them out, and came to the conclusion that the time I had would come nowhere near the time needed, so out came the whipper-snipper. After a few hours, a fuel refill, untangling line a few times, and a few breaks for me, the yard looked a little tidier. Hopefully by doing this (and yes I know it wont be a quick fix) I will stop some of the seeds forming and also create some mulch, might as well put those weeds to some use. One good thing is it has meant that the veggie patch is doing well.
Yes those rows are still there theres just a few weeds in there too.

This weekend it has been raining (well light showers here and there) but I did manage to get out and pull up the weeds in the "Native Garden". That one wasn't whipper-sniped because the weeds were taller than the plants, and I didn't want any "accidents" so after what didnt seem like that long we have plants again. I didnt take a before photo but you can see by the piles of weeds around the place it looks much better than it did, some of these would have been past knee height. The bricks are to stop the chooks from deciding that is a good place to have a dust bath, oblivious to the fact that there is a plant there that I want to stay in the ground!!! LOL. The chooks had a ball waiting to see what grubs and insects were being uncovered, of course for the sole purpose for them to eat.

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