Wednesday, October 27, 2010

An update from October

This is what I am creating as a herb bed, if you look closely there is a Rosemary in the centre, clumps of garlic chives along the edge and if you look really closely between the rosemary and the chives is a little oregano plant

This is where I am creating my native garden along this fence, if you look really close (and you know where to look) you can just make out the little tubestock plants I have planted, they are mostly acacia's and bottle brush's, with flowers varying from reds, to pinks to creams and yellows. I am hoping this will end up being a nice cheery colourful area with lots of bird life.

The other side of the garden shed a Thornless Blackberry (planted over our rescued galah who passed away)

The three deciduous fruit trees that were planted in late July/ early august.
Granny Smith Apple, Moorepark Apricot, Elberta Peach
The apricot and peach both have a couple of fruit on each which I am hopping they stay on the tree to ripen, so we can have a little taste.

Citrus Trees
Eureka Lemon, Washington Naval orange, Lemonade
They have taken a bit of beating this year with all the windy weather we have had, but considering that they have been subjected to they are still going fairly well

I have changed the posted date on here to reflect when these pictures were taken

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