Saturday, March 31, 2012

First of our wind break

Well last week on a lovely Sunday morning, a start was made to our first plantings to our wind and noise break in our "back paddock"
Three native tubestock I had bought at a local craft shop a few weeks earlier and had been sitting on our outdoor setting waiting to be planted.

First plant: Agonis Flexuosa (why do I get the urge to wave a wand when I say this??) Willow Myrtle as the common (less Harry Potterish) name

Second tree is an unknown eucalyptus "tall gum tree creamy flowers"

And third tree is a dwarf sugar gum 

And all importantly the whole view, well you cant see much but hopefully in time to come it will give a good contrast as these little ones grow into big tall trees full of birds and bats and other wildlife that will call it home.

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Anne said...

I can just see you out there with all your new trees waving your magic wand and saying those words with force, lol. Keep weaving the magic.