Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Someone is not pulling their weight!!!

Monday when I went and collected the eggs I found the usual 2 eggs, only one was much different to what is normally laid, it had been shrunk.

This picture shows the two eggs and a 10 cent coin, the one on the left is normal size.

I guess the heat is taking its toll on them as well. There have been no more "bantum" size eggs since then so I think it was just a once off thing.


Matron said...

Do you think it hurts when you lay a large egg? I always wondered. Was it a small hen, or an inexperienced one?

ButterflyGirl said...

Hi Matron,

I do feel sorry for them when they do pop out big ones, I'm sure it must hurt. All my hens are normal full size and I got them about 6 months ago and they were 18 months old then, and this is the first tiny egg that I have got, just one of those strange things that happen every now and then I guess.