Friday, January 9, 2009

My New Toy!!

As a present to myself (well deserved I think, considering the work I have been doing out bush for the last 6 months) I bought myself a new camera.

But not just a new camera, a Canon EOS 1000D, SLR, with twin lens kit. I am very impressed with it, I haven't played with it too much yet but on the auto settings it takes very nice photos without too much effort at all. The colours come out lovely, just like what you see, even in sunsets. So I just thought I would share with you some photos I have been taking with my new camera.

Spooki sitting on the arm of the couch

At Miranda

The almond tree with Lucerne

MIL's garden


Out Back said...

Just what I need (want) a new camera. When I see some of the beautiful photography on some blogs, I know why.

I am looking at getting a camera that uses film too, but I will need to go to Adelaide to get one of those.


Matron said...

It makes such a difference to have a good camera! I also envy you your wonderful sunshine there in OZ. It is the depths of a cold, dark Winter here in England. Look forward to seeing more of your shots.