Friday, September 23, 2011

Spring is here

Well I know I haven't posted for a while but I hadnt realised it had been all year, so whats happening in the garden?

The peach tree has flowered and has little fruit on it.

The apricot tree is starting to flower.

The Apple tree is still dormant but does appear to have a couple of flower buds on it starting to swell

The blackberry has grown quite a bit since putting it in last year and is now bursting into life again, and in amongst the leaf buds which are opening I can see flower buds (It was flowering when I bought it was planted last year)

The citrus are all coming to life as well, with flower buds and signs of new leaves, although the older leaves are still looking a bit yellow even though they have had a couple of feeds of dynamic lifter.

Something I am looking to try is planting a living mulch of legumes under them, for the nitrogen fixing qualities. I noticed that a Grevillia I had planted in the native garden was looking a bit yellow as well, and a couple of weeks ago I noticed some Wolley Pod Vetch had started to grow (I am assuming out of the pea straw I had used for mulch) Since this has been growing the new growth has been a darker green. 
If this works it will be a perfect example of  "a weed is just a plant growing in the wrong place" because we have been trying to get rid of it from another area in the yard due to the risk of snakes, but I think in a bit of a controlled environment where it can spread along the ground, rather than ramble up and over other plants, it should have a job to do (provide nitrogen and out compete weeds) and look nice and lush with pretty purple flowers.

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