Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Last weekend I finally got around to spending a voucher I got for Virginia Nursery Last year for my birthday. So loaded up with 20kg of Blood'n'Bone, some garden gloves and some Seasol, there was a few nice days to be in the garden.

Sunday saw the Citrus trees get a handfull or two of Blood'n'Bone each and a good deep watering, and hopefully this will have them growing nicely. The orange is looking very sick, I originally thought it may have had weed spray sprayed a bit too close to it, but I am hoping it is just the clay soil we have and the lack of deep watering and the few days of cold and disgusting weather we have had which I am surprised the winds didn't rip the poor trees out of the ground.

Blackberries have lots of new leaves and even flower buds ready to start opening any day.

Peach tree has quite a few fruit on it and will need to be covered very soon to protect them from the dog and the galahs which have decided to fly in most days to eat the grass and weed seeds.

Have found 3 Apricot fruits which have set, but there is still more flowers to come, again this will need to be protected from the dog and birds.

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