Saturday, June 16, 2012

Mid june already!!!

Where has the time gone.

Last weekend we had some very cold nights, enough that the lawn was covered in ice, the car which had been left in the driveway had ice on it and even our house roof had ice on it, no wonder we were feeling cold in the mornings. Despite that we still had quite nice days, I managed to get out into the garden and weed on of the garden beds, to find that the iris's I planted last year are starting to flower, the myoporum (native groundcover) I planted will soon need to be "hacked" because it is going so well it is starting to tumble over the sides of the bed, but it is doing a good job at keeping most of the weeds down which was my original intent for it, and it is lovely and green with no care given to it at all, another plus!!!

I was hoping to make some comfrey ointment sometime, but I'm not sure of how much comfrey leaves I need and how much my comfrey plant can donate to me without me killing it, although I have heard that you cant kill comfrey even if you try, I'm looking at using the recipe from here which is just a vegetable oil, comfrey leaves, and beaswax.

The sun is out at the moment so hopefully it will stay nice an sunny and I can get out in the garden again and get a few jobs done, I have noticed the strawberry bed I didn't quite finish has now got more weed foliage than strawberry foliage, so I want to weed that and then spread some chopped pea straw I got last weekend along with some hedging shears, which I want to use to trim the dieities bushes we have which are looking quite dry at the ends (I have seen councils hack them back almost to ground level and they come back nice and lush), the other reason for the hedging shears is I wanted to use them for green manure, to clip the tops of getting lower and lower and create a relatively fine mulch rather than just pulling the plants out......but I need to get the green manure growing first. Last weekend I did manage to pull out a whole heap of marshmallow weeds form what was the path between two garden beds, I'm now thinking after looking at it about joining the two beds together, more beds less paths, would make the bed about the right size to use the pine sleepers, similar width to the garden bed on the Gardening Australia garden.

I promise more photos will come soon

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