Saturday, June 16, 2012

Well today was a lovely day.

After discovering this morning that we didnt have to go out and do our normal saturday morning veg shop as the fridge was already quite adequately stocked with veggies for most of the week, I decided to make the most of the sunny winters day which seemed to be ahead of us.

So the strawberry bed which receives the afternoon sun was weeded first while the sun was still on it (and me while I was weeding)

Then the raspberry bed was weeded and the rather large self seeded chard plant was hacked with most of it being fed to the chook, which she seemed to not mind at all. while weeding the raspberry bed I discovered that the canes I planted last year are now starting to shoot at the base so I did something which sort of went against my gardening expertise and cleared the bed of all mulch which was remaining from summer, put that in the compost. Now I could see all the little weeds, and I could also see all the new raspberry shoots, weeds weeded, a layer of horse manure spread around and chopped pea straw on top all watered in with some seaweed solution, all neat and tidy

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