Friday, February 1, 2008

This weekends jobs

Ok, time to get motivated and get some jobs done around the house. For the last I dont know how many weekends I have said to myself that I will get jobs done around the house, and they havent got done.

Here's my list

In the Garden:
  1. Do the Caltrop patrol (wander around the yard with bucket and hand shovel and remove any which can be found) This has become a weekly ongoing job.
  2. Move the compost bin to the veggie patch (it is in full sun where it is and gets too dry, and forgotten about)
  3. Water the front garden either Saturday morning or evening
  4. Do a Clatrop patrol out the front, remove a rather large plant from the edge of the road (growing in the bitumen)
  5. Water the fruit trees
  6. Fix up the "dams" around the fruit trees to contain the maximum amount of water possible
  7. Fill in the chooks dust bath, which they have dug right in the doorway and cover with some spare paver's
  8. "Prune" some of the weeds
  9. Collect some of the carob seed pods and collect the seeds
  10. Take Green waste bin around the back and fill up with palm fronds which have fallen off and are creating a nice habitat for snakes to move in to (be sure to wear long pants, and boots)
  11. Tidy up leaves under the carob tree
  12. Plant Giant Russian Sunflowers to get started on my privacy screen
  13. Plant out other native tubestock which I have bought and has been sitting there for "too long"

Inside the House:
  1. Sort out the spare room so that it looks like a room not a whole lot of boxes and stuff everywhere
  2. Fold up washing which was brought inside this morning before heading off to work
  3. Do washing (bathroom towels, tea towels, clothes)
  4. Clean up Laundry (another room where "things" seem to accumulate, to be tripped over)
  5. Sweep floors
  6. Wash floors
  7. Clean up lounge room by the front door (more "things" accumulated)
  8. Vacuum lounge and bedrooms
  9. General clean up and put away
I'm pretty sure that not all these jobs will get done this weekend but at least it gives me something to work on.


Ali said...

wow, you have listed a lot of things to do this weekend. Don't be hard on yourself if you don't manage to do them all ~ good luck with it all :)

ButterflyGirl said...

Hi Ali, once I had written it I though that, but I think it is now a list of jobs that need to be done, not necessarily what will get done on the weekend, just something I'll have to keep plodding along at.