Monday, February 4, 2008

Progress of my list

Ok, well not all of my list was going to get done over the weekend but heres what I did manage to get done, keeping in mind that our weather at the moment is in the mid 30's I think it is not a bad effort.

Here's what my list looks like now

In the Garden:
  1. Do the Caltrop patrol (wander around the yard with bucket and hand shovel and remove any which can be found) This has become a weekly ongoing job.
  2. Move the compost bin to the veggie patch (it is in full sun where it is and gets too dry, and forgotten about)
  3. Water the front garden either Saturday morning or evening Didnt have to we had several hours from around 4:30pm saturday afternoon of lovely steady drizzling rain.
  4. Do a Clatrop patrol out the front, remove a rather large plant from the edge of the road (growing in the bitumen)
  5. Water the fruit trees It rained
  6. Fix up the "dams" around the fruit trees to contain the maximum amount of water possible
  7. Fill in the chooks dust bath, which they have dug right in the doorway and cover with some spare paver's
  8. "Prune" some of the weeds
  9. Collect some of the carob seed pods and collect the seeds
  10. Take Green waste bin around the back and fill up with palm fronds which have fallen off and are creating a nice habitat for snakes to move in to (be sure to wear long pants, and boots) done, well the bin is full so the rest will have to wait until next fortnight
  11. Tidy up leaves under the carob tree
  12. Plant Giant Russian Sunflowers to get started on my privacy screen
  13. Plant out other native tubestock which I have bought and has been sitting there for "too long"

Inside the House:
  1. Sort out the spare room so that it looks like a room not a whole lot of boxes and stuff everywhere
  2. Fold up washing which was brought inside this morning before heading off to work
  3. Do washing (bathroom towels, tea towels, clothes) some of it got done
  4. Clean up Laundry (another room where "things" seem to accumulate, to be tripped over) it got started
  5. Sweep floors
  6. Wash floors
  7. Clean up lounge room by the front door (more "things" accumulated)
  8. Vacuum lounge and bedrooms
  9. General clean up and put away
And heres some other things I got done which weren't on the list:
  1. Cleaned the bedroom, amazingly there was a floor under all the clothes
  2. Clean up of the kitchen benchtops (inspired by Ali at Our Patch)
  3. Took kitchen tap back to Mitre 10 because it was the wrong size, got a new one that is the right size for only $4 extra at Stratco
  4. Looked at new locks for the front and back screen doors (keyed alike) because we never got keys for them when we moved in (we can lock them from the inside but not from the outside)
  5. Looked at shade cloth to tie to the chook run to make more shade decided that I have heaps of old stuff in the shed that I can salvage, the chooks wont mind.
  6. Replaced kitchen tap, (lengthy process involving a trip into town (after mid-day) so most "plumbing" places were closed, after we had started and discovered the hoses which came with the pack were to short, and we had to destroy the cold water hose to get it out) It now turns on and off smoothly without creaking and groaning
So there we have it, that's what I got up to on the weekend, I had to leave some things on the list for future weekends :-) what did you guys get up to?

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Kazz said...

Great to hear U finally had some rain, but U know that will start the whole calthrop cycle again?!?

Also great to hear U got so much done, U are a bit like me, setting unreal lists.