Saturday, April 5, 2008

Finally it has cooled down

Ok it looks like the summer is now behind us, the track pants and ugg boots have started to become the normal dress code around the house now, and the air-conditioner hasn't been on since before Easter.

I am determined to get something productive growing in the veggie patch this year, so this weekend I plan to get out into the "small patch" and remove the dead stuff from last years efforts, rake back the pea-straw and pull out the weeds then sprinkle some sheep and pig and horse poo around dig and water it in and let it settle for a week or two before starting to plant.

Now I'm off to clean out the chook pen and get started on the veggie patch.


Matron said...

What do you do with your chicken manure! isn't it too strong to put directly on the garden? do you dilute it with something?

ButterflyGirl said...

Hi matron, at the moment the chook poo and what ever is left over from what they dont eat gets chucked into the compost bin, its amazing how much better the compost is working with it in there, its heating up nicely and breaking the rest of it down in record time

Belinda said...

Good Luck with your garden revamp. I know its hard not throw in the towel when the season was as tough as your last one so I admire your willingness to give it another go.

Kind Regards