Sunday, April 13, 2008

Our newest addition

I may have mentioned in a previous post that I have a pet cockatiel, well now I have two. I had been thinking for a while about getting another as a companion for our little "Chicken" as both DP and I work full time but I wanted to get a young one so that it could be easily tamed. We got Chicken when "she" was just out of the nest so maybe 6 weeks old, old enough to eat for herself but still young enough to be hand tamed. 4 years on we have a bird that thinks it is a human (with wings), favourite past times include watching tv (perched on the highest knee available), having "my humans" scratch my head and whistling to the very sexy bird that always seems to appear in the mirror (or the stainless steel sink, or the saucepan lids). It is rather amusing to have her on your shoulder and try to make some cheese on crackers as a snack (for the real humans), she will stretch to try to intercept favourite foods like wheatworths, or cheese, or lettuce before they get to your mouth accompanied by a begging squeak.

After the first moult we discovered "she" was actually a "he" but the "she" has just sort of stuck especially seeing that "she" has such a little princess attitude. And she gets very possessive of the "boy Chicken" in the mirrors.

This is "Chicken" after a fly around and waiting for someone to come and "collect me"

And playing on the cage

The new one I got I have been told that she definitely is a girl so we will see, but at the moment it seems like she has a different call to the Chicken's and doesnt seen to be interested in whistling so I would say that she will remain to be a she. She doesnt have a name yet but gets reffered to as the little one, which is strange because she is actually bigger than Chicken (we think may have been a runt type thing)

This is the new little girl, she already has some strange traits (like all my animals seem to) she likes to sit in the corner of her cage with her legs out to the side, like in the picture below, I always think it looks so uncomfortable. She will sleep in one corner and get as high as she can so that she looks like she is jammed up in the corner, I tried putting sticks in the corners so that she can still perch there but be comfortable but she just climbs over them and perches on the side of the cage. Oh well, we are all individuals I guess.

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