Saturday, December 6, 2008

Un-Summery weather

Well as I sit here writing this it is raining outside, and it is supposed to be summer.

The cockatiels are out in the rain having a bath and loving it!! The rain water is over flowing, and I am sure the weeds are growing at a phenomenal rate as I type this.

But I guess we can be thankful that the rain waited until this afternoon and let us do the Toy Run in mostly dry weather this morning. The Toy Run, for those who don't know, is where motorcyclists get together to raise money and toys for disadvantaged kids. There's a meeting place where the run starts, then everyone follows the leader (usually santa) through a set route through town, waving and tooting their horns and throwing lollies to the kids, who all come out of their houses to watch the bikes go past, then there is a gathering at the end with prizes for best and worst bike, and a big trailer where people can put toys in. These toys then go to the Salvation Army to give to kids who wouldn't have much of a christmas. Accorning to the MRA (Motorcycle Riders Association) site there is 48 Australian Toy Runs and 8 International Runs, so if there are any motorcylists out there check out the Toy Run website and see if theres one near you, it really is for a good cause and give you (well me) a reason to get the bike out the shed and take it for a run

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