Sunday, December 21, 2008

Garden Progress

Well after the "little" bit of rain we had last weekend the garden has taken off!!! Including the weeds!! The tomato plants I planted a few weeks ago are coming along really well, they even have a few decent sized tomatoes on them, although with the rain I did have the first Black Russian tomato that was ripe split, but so far the rest look good. The Pepino plant is asking for a pruning it is starting to smother the other plants near it.

The Lucerne is growing well too and is flowering these lovely little blue/purple flowers, I keep braking bits off for the chooks to eat, so I am glad it is growing so well. There is even seed pods starting to set so hopefully it will self seed a bit, I can handle Lucerne as a weed, its useful, but I guess by definition its not a weed then.

We got two apricots of the tree this year, the first fruit, and they were delicious, actually tasted like apricots!!! I cant wait for next year we should get a few more. I'm still watching the two peaches to get them before the birds do, mmmm they should be yummy too, cant wait for home grown fruit!!!!

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Matron said...

I'd love to see some photos of the Black Russian tomato. Someone has given me some seeds to grow next Summer!!