Monday, June 14, 2010

Boof growing up from 5 months to 14 months old

Five months old (5/9/09)

Almost 6 months old (3/10/09)

Six months old after being desexed and having his due claws removed (18/10/09)

Six months old enjoying a pigs ear (27/10/09)

Seven months old. One of his favourite past times, making mulch, aka destroying things (29/11/10)

Almost 10 months old, this is his "come chase me!!!, you know you want what I've got" look (4/2/10)

Almost 12 months old. At the new house, with a new toys, the rope toy which lasted all of about 48 hours, and the ball, well that lasted a few plays before it went "pop" but it was really fun while it lasted!!!! (3/4/10)

Worn out from all that playing (3/4/10)

Playtime with friends. (15/5/10) 13 months old
Blaze my mums dog, a Staffy x and Jack my dads dog a full bred Koolie, Jack is about the same age as Boof

Boof relaxing in the sand pit after Jack has worn him out

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Matron said...

What a handsome fellow! What breed or mix of breeds is he?