Monday, June 14, 2010

I'm back in blog land

Well I guess I have taken a bit of a break from blogging, almost a year looking at the date of the last post. What can I say; life in the real world sort of took over.

So what have I been up to in this time?

Well the big thing I guess is that we sold my house and moved back to Adelaide in February this year, so garden photos from now on will probably be quite a bit different from what has been posted here previously (hopefully a bit more greener and lusher). Hard to believe we have been in the new place for four months already!! Definitely seen a change in the seasons from the end of summer to winter and weeds….argh…so many weeds, I think I need to quit my day job just to keep them under control.

Boof has grown up lots, he is now 14 months old, I think he loves it at the new house. He use to swelter in the Port Augusta heat so coming down here was a nice relief for him. He grew his winter coat quite quickly and although I shudder that he wont use his kennel we bought him, preferring to either sleep on the paver's or on his hessian bed, and he looks so cold all curled up, but when I go out to check on him his fur feels cold on the outside but under that he is so toasty warm. He also loves that there are windows all the way round the house so he can almost always see us and see what we are up to, or more appropriately if we are getting him food.

Ok so about the new place: We are on two acres, there is some formal landscaping already done out the front, and to one side of the back yard but nothing in the way of fruit or vegetable gardens, so I have a blank canvas to work on in that respect, not sure if that is a good thing or not. The back yard is separated into two, creating the house back yard and the “back paddock”, both which are around ¾ of an acre. But for the near future I think there is more than enough to keep us occupied in the front and back yards without worrying about the back paddock (for now)

I will update shortly with some pics of Boof (seeing he is "all grown up" now) and also of the yard, oh and not to mention my ever growing list of plans for this place.

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