Saturday, December 8, 2007

Maybe I Havent Killed My Lemonade Tree

Last week I was a bit neglectful and forgot to water my lemonade tree as often as I should, and combined with the hot weather it went a bit beyond wilting. I only noticed when the when the leaves dried up quite substantially, I hoped that I could save it with lots of TLC (and water), but seeing there was only about 3 leaves that weren't dry and crunchy I didn't hold much hope. I moved it into the veggie garden area, because this gets afternoon shade, and its about 4m from a tap (rather than being in full sun all day and the nearest tap is probably about 20m away). I have been keeping it watered and giving it love and, yesterday I noticed on one of the branches there are tiny leaves shooting, so here's to hoping it survives.


Karen said...

I hope it survives, I was looking forward to tasting the fruit...and wondered how they got the bubbles

ButterflyGirl said...

Thanks, I hope it survives too, I think this lot of fruit might be a bit "flat"