Sunday, December 2, 2007

True "Blood and Bone" (plus feathers)

Last Saturday morning one of my four chickens was looking a bit sick, very lethargic and not herself, so I separated her from the others and gave her food and water, and hoped for the best, but she didn't make it through the night. Not wanting to just throw her body in the bin, or the compost, I thought to bury her somewhere. I wanted somewhere that she could stay undisturbed, so the vegie patch was out of the question.

This is a pic of them just after we had some rain, they got a bit wet playing in the (rare) rain.

There is an area of the garden I had been wanting to plant some taller trees to create a bit of a barier from the sidewalk and to sort of close in this section of the garden, and also to give some shade to the house from the afternoon sun, so thought this was the perfect opportunity. Out came the spade, watering can and gardening gloves, with hole dug, the chicken was laid to rest and an Acacia (Acacia Aneura) planted on top, this Acacia is supposed to reach between 4m to 10m and will provide a great habitat for native birds and bees.


Ali said...

sorry to read about the loss of one of your chooks :(

I'm sure the Acacia will grow well!

ButterflyGirl said...

Thanks Ali, its going well so far, so will keep my fingers crossed