Sunday, December 23, 2007

Theives in the garden!!!

When I moved in I discovered an unidentified fruit tree, once it sprouted leaves I assumed it was a plum, but wasn't sure if it was even a fruiting variety. It flowered and 3 fruit set, Great!!!! I thought, when they ripen I will be able to tell what they are. Every time I went out to water the veggie patch I would look at the progress they were making and how they were looking closer to being ripe. Then one morning I couldn't find them amongst the leaves, I searched and searched but couldn't find them, then I thought to look on the ground, there they were, someone had picked each one, taken a few bites, discovered it wasnt ripe enough, then discarded it.

Looking at the bite marks, I would assume it was a possum. Now I dont mind sharing with the wildlife, I just wish they would learn some manners and share with me, and wait their turn!!! All I wanted was one of the plums to see what sort it was! I think the flesh was starting to turn red, so I think it is a satsuma, but I will have to wait and try again next year.

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