Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sqweek Whistles for us!!

Yesterday it was a rather warm and windy day, so not the best of days for doing things outside, especially trying to hang out washing (including bed sheets) and get it to stay on the line. We did however with all the windy noise get blessed with hearing Squeek whistle. We had not heard him whistle since that day in the shop and we were starting to think that maybe we had been mistaken and that it was another bird that we had heard. DP had said during the week that he had heard someone whistling but when he went to look whoever it was stopped.

We think that it was mostly because it was a noisy day with all the wind around and seeing that where he had come from was quite noisy it might have been a bit too quiet for him.

I thought I would share his whistles with you. The whistle he does in the last clip I think is from an Indian ringneck parrot, which was in the aviary next to him in the shop, he has lots of whistles that he has obviously picked up from there because we haven't heard them before.


Rest is not idleness said...

Hi there,
Just came across your blog, and read about your cockatiels. We have 2, (1m, 1f) the male (Sean)whistles and talks quite a bit,the female (Alfie) just screeches. It is amazing how much Sean has picked up just from us talking to the dog and cat and things we say (like "hello you two") and we don't even realise how much we say them. I taught Sean to whistle Waltzing Matilda, it took a while, I used to whistle it about 12 times in a row. They are such cute, affectionate, little birds and great company.
Take care

ButterflyGirl said...

Hi Pip,
Thanks for dropping by, How long have you had your cockatiels for? I absolutely adore mine, they are so individual in their personalities. and almost always make me smile and laugh with their antics.

Take care.

Rest is not idleness said...

Hi Butterfly Girl,
We've had our cockatiels for 10 years now, apparently they can live up to 20 years!! Yes, they do make you smile and laugh at their antics, our Sean is even funnier because of the things he says. (wheres the pussy cat?, hello mate - he says this to the cat while the cat is looking in the cage)
take care