Friday, September 5, 2008

Weekend Jobs

Well that's another week over, so now its time to think about the weekend and what needs to be done, but most importantly what do I want to do. So yet again it is time for the lists to begin.

  • Sweep/vacuum floors
  • Tidy up kitchen table and kitchen benches
  • Sort out HECS money I owe to the tax dept, put in separate account and set up reminder to pay in March.
Outside, Frontyard:
  • Pull up weeds
  • Decide on locations for the plants from Arid Lands to go (some of the larger ones may go along the front fence, creating a screen/backdrop for other plants)
  • Sort through seeds and see if there are any flower seeds that can be planted
Outside, Backyard:
  • Clean poop from chooks house
  • Give fruit trees a water
  • Plant lucerne, red clover and nasturtiums under Fruit Trees, under the pea straw that is there (after they have been watered and the ground is nice and wet)
  • Sort through plants under Carob tree and discard any dead ones and store pots
  • Clean up under Carob tree throw out rubbish, and rake up leaves, just make things look tidy.
  • Clean gutters, using our newly purchased ladder.
I'm sure there is lots of other things to do around the place but that's what comes to mind now, how much actually gets done is another matter.

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